Vacha's resources published over the years

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  • Bole Kishori: Expressions of girls living in Mumbai’s bastis (Hindi / Marathi)

  • Aaple Khel Aarogyashi Mel: Daiwashala Giri (Marathi)

  • Vardhana: The Women of Age : Report of a seminar on women and ageing (English)

  • Maidan Khula Ab Der Kis Baat Ki: Booklet of Inspiring stories of women from the sports field (Hindi / Marathi) (2009)

  • Masti ki Pathshala: Booklet on Games and puzzles on Health for children (Hindi / Marathi)

  • Geet Vacha: Lyrics of girls’ and women’s empowerment songs (Hindi / Marathi)

  • Rebecca Reuben: Scholar, Teacher & Community Worker: Biography of a forgotten community leader (English)

  • Jewish, Indian and Women: Stories from the Bene Israeli Community in India by Nina Haeems (English)

  • Puberty, Poverty and Gender: Girls speak about menstruation (English / Hindi / Marathi) (2014)

  • Balkishori / Girls in Early Adolescence: A booklet and workbook on Early Adolescence it addresses the questions raised by girls themselves on growing (English & Hindi)

  • Ladkiyon ki Zubaani Unki Duniya ki Kahani: A Collection of Poems written by girls from Vacha’s centres, compiled by Medhavinee Namjoshi (Hindi) (2017)

  • Like Mother, Like Daughter: A booklet of Stories of a few daughters who have followed their mother’s footsteps and made the family proud.

  • Ladkiyan hai Ladkiyan Hum Nahi kissi se kam: A booklet of Empowering stories of Girls (Hindi) (2015)

  • Let Us Understand Gender: A booklet on Basic understanding of gender discrimination (English / Hindi /Marathi / Gujarati)

Audios & Videos
  • Bheetar Bahe Mukti Dhara: A film on women from Indian Independence struggle (Hindi / Marathi / Gujarati – CD / usb)

  • In Search of Safia Khan: A film on a Forgotten freedom fighter (Hindi/English)

  • Sakhiyon Ke Sang: Empowering Songs for women (Hindi - CD)

  • Kishori Geet: Songs of girlhood (Hindi - CD)

  • Sarkhii Saheli - Empowering Garba Songs in Gujarati

Media Mentions

A Youtube series in collaboration with Agents of Ishq

We helped produce a Youtube series in collaboration with Agents of Ishq of young growing girls narrated their stories of experiences with menstruation. This was a 18 episode series that was created in 2016 and it spanned for 10 days.